Plano Legacy of Harmony Vocal Education Scholarship Program 


The purpose of the Plano Legacy of Harmony Vocal Education Scholarship Program is to provide the life-changing opportunity of private vocal music instruction to young male vocalists who show musical potential and have a demonstrated financial need.

 this Program, the Legacy of Harmony and its supporters can provide the targeted financial support to inspire and educate young musicians who otherwise may not be able to discover and develop their musical potential. 

Qualified vocalists in the PISD music program are selected based on director recommendation, financial need, and music potential. 

Benefits to the Student Recipients   

  • Provides direct support for individual musical growth through private instruction
  • Increases the likelihood of long-term musical involvement
  • Provides access to individualized professional level expertise
  • Creates a vehicle to develop individual perseverance, dedication, and growth mindset

Benefits to PISD and the Community 

  • Provides equal opportunity for all students to participate vocal music within the district
  • Increases the likelihood of long-term student participation in vocal music programs
  • Improves knowledge and skills of individual performers who contribute to the success of their school ensembles
  • Provides direct and tangible support for an underserved segment of our local community
  • Cultivates and develops future musicians, audience members and music supporters
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